7 Looks For 7 Brides / Bridal Accessories For Every Bride

After you've chosen the dress of your dreams, now it's time to accessorize! Will you go for a headpiece or a veil? Gold or silver? Will you wear earrings or a necklace? Or both?

When it comes to accessories, your options are virtually endless. Here at the boutique we believe in providing a unique and diverse collection of pieces to suite every style. Avant-garde and eclectic? We've got you covered. Sparkly and extravagant? Girl, we've got pieces for you too. 

We wanted to showcase our amazing accessory designers and show you just how much accessories can really impact your final ensemble. So, using the same dress as our base for each style, we've fashioned 7 looks for 7 brides. Each look is uniquely wonderful and wildly different.

Which one do you like the best? Scroll through and find out!



Perfect for an outdoor garden wedding, this fabulously floral look will have you releasing your inner flower child! The petaled layers of this one-of-a-kind headpiece pair perfectly with the elegant stamped gold leaves of this bracelet. Top it off with a two-tiered gold necklace and leave a train of embroidered flowers behind you with this whimsical wildflower veil. It's all about the florals darling!

Featured Accessory Designers: Hushed Commotion (crown), Olivia The Wolf (veil), Alyson Nicole (necklace), Ti Adoro Jewelry (bracelet)



There's nothing like a beautiful bride in rose gold. And what does every pink princess need, but Swarovski crystals?! With chandelier rose gold earrings, a beaded crystal belt, and a decadent bracelet inlaid with vintage rose crystals, this look is pretty in all shades of lovely! Top it off with a champagne tone birdcage veil and add a touch of vintage to this already elegant ensemble. 

Featured Accessory Designers: Haute Bride (earrings), Theia (belt), Rose Red Bridal (birdcage veil), Ti Adoro Jewelry (bracelet)



Channeling the bold geometric inspirations from the Art Deco era and the wild and free fringe of flapper fashion, this look embodies all the glamor and luxury of 1920s style. These rectangular stud earrings perfectly contrast the rounded stone shapes in this cascading gold and white belt. The double layer veil can be worn with the blusher in front of the face or pulled back to create a dynamic two-tiered fringe waterfall.

Featured Accessory Designers: Alyson Nicole (veil), Hushed Commotion (earrings & belt)



Ain't nothing wrong with a little silver simplicity! A dainty tear drop pendant necklace encircled with Swarovski crystals matches perfectly with these slightly larger pendant earrings. Add a touch of decadence in the form of a thin crystal bracelet and a fancy chic silver headband. A little sparkle in just the right amount can make all the difference! 

Featured Accessory Designer: Ti Adoro Jewelry (all accessories)



This look is for all the boundary defying brides, those unafraid to experiment and push the limits of bridal fashion. Every element of this ensemble is a bold statement piece in and of itself: from the quartz crystal crown and matching earrings to the glittery gold cathedral length veil. Harness your inner earth goddess and be bold with this uninhibited bridal look.

Featured Accessory Designer: Alyson Nicole (all accessories)



Sometimes it only takes a few key pieces to make an impact and complete your entire look. These stud earrings with their opaque crystal centers pair beautifully with this elegant beaded pearl belt. Want to add a veil but don't want it to be too much? This raw edge veil adds a certain softness to the look without overpowering the other accessories. Keep it simple girl. Sometimes less really is more!

Featured Accessory Designers: Theia (belt), Ti Adoro Jewelry (earrings), Jennifer Leigh Veils (veil)



Bring out your inner boho-chic with this adventurous accessory collection! The halo headpiece features a Swarovski crystal chain, gold plated pendant, and faux pearls. Paired with drop down feather earrings and a crystal encrusted bangle, these three blissfully bohemian pieces compliment each other in the best way. Round off the whole look with a double layered raw edge veil and your ready to go, you bohemian queen, you! 

Featured Accessory Designers: Alyson Nicole (earrings), Olivia the Wolf (headpiece), Jennifer Leigh Veils (veil), Ti Adoro Jewelry (bracelet)

Accessories really can make all the difference. Whether you're floral and fun or all silver and sparkles, let us help you style the perfect accessory look for you! Check out all of our accessory designers on our website and schedule your accessory appointment today!