Designer Spotlight: Truvelle.

The designer that we wanted to feature this month is Truvelle! If you are looking for a gown that fits like a dream, is completely handmade, and one of a kind...look no further than the stunning gowns coming to BBB from Vancouver, BC. 


Truvelle was founded five years ago when designer Gaby decided to start her own line based on her passion for design given to her by the woman who taught her all about sewing, her mama. Gaby’s unique style and keen eye for intentional details quickly caught the attention of brides who were tired of typical & traditional bridal gowns. 


Now Gabi is the head of her own bridal empire, with two collections Truvelle & Laudee that are featured in bridal shops around the globe. 


Bateau has carried Truvelle since we opened our doors and we are proud to be able to have their gorgeous gowns in our store year after year. While we wish we could have allllll of the dresses in stock, we typically only get a few dresses from each collection. That is why catching the Truvelle trunk show is SO important if you’ve had your eye on a specific style or if you are looking for a modern gown with timeless style. 


Our Truvelle trunk show is November 30th until December 2nd. We will have samples in standard & plus sizes available. 


Be sure to call to book your appointment. This is one collection you will not want to miss!! 

Who you should bring to your bridal appointment


For most brides, trying on wedding dresses is the most treasured and exciting part about their wedding planning process. However, this beautiful moment can be squashed in a matter of minutes due to an unwanted comment or a harsh opinion from within the group. It is important to remember that only YOU, the bride, has the decision of who has the honor of being a part of that special experience.

With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when deciding WHO to bring with you:


Try to keep your group small. It is certainly tempting to want to include everyone so that you will have a lot of different perspectives, but when shopping for a dress, that is not always a good thing. We recommend a group from 2-4 people at the most. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Only bring people who really know you, your preferences, and personal style. Bring friends who understand the look you are trying to achieve with your wedding and your gown. And if you hate v-necks, bring the friend who already knows that. This way you won’t feel the need to explain or defend to the group why a dress doesn’t appeal to you.

Do not invite someone out of obligation. If someone invited you to their appointment, awesome! But that does not mean that you have to invite them to yours. And if people ask if they can take you dress shopping, just be honest. Say that you are trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings but you made your own appointment and will be bringing a couple of close people along with you. You don’t need to walk on eggshells for others. This is your day! As long as you are kind and honest in your approach, you have nothing to defend.

Bring people who will make the process fun. Dress shopping can sometimes be stressful when you are stuck between dresses, or maybe don’t entirely know what you like. Bring family and friends who will remain patient and positive! Never bring someone that you even have the slightest feeling will be pushy or try to make the decision for you.

We hope this little post has been enlightening and that it gives you a better idea of who to incorporate into this beautiful moment.

We can’t wait to see you for your appointment!

7 Looks For 7 Brides / Bridal Accessories For Every Bride

7 Looks For 7 Brides / Bridal Accessories For Every Bride

We wanted to showcase our amazing accessory designers and show you just how much accessories can really impact your final ensemble. So, using the same dress as our base for each style, we've fashioned 7 looks for 7 brides. Each look is uniquely wonderful and wildly different!