Anchorage'S only private bridal studio


At Bateau Bridal Boutique we feel getting engaged is, first, about the special person you’ve decided to commit to and, second, about finding the dress you’ve always dreamt of wearing on your big day.

The first part we’ll leave to you, but the second is our specialty. We see every bride as an individual that deserves a unique experience when trying to find the right gown.

World class designers FROM FAR & WIDE


We offer a wide range of gowns made in North America and other parts of the world.  We can't wait to show you that quality gowns can be yours – without breaking your budget.

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No obligation, stress free appointments with you and whoever you want to help make your big decision.

Because we're appointment-based, your time here will be exclusive and cozy. Invite close friends and family - heck invite whoever you want! Your experience here will feel less like a shopping experience and more like an intimate gathering.